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Side Mirror Turn Signals

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I appreciate all the enhancements GM made in the Gen2 Volt. Two features they removed are a bit of a head scratcher though. 1. Homelink (I'll add this myself at some point) and 2. Turn signals integrated into the side mirrors. I really like how these look in the Gen1 Volt, and would like to figure out options to add them to my Gen2.

Anyone know of another GM side mirror which includes turn signal lights that could be easily swapped with the Gen2 Volt mirrors, or anyone tried to retrofit an LED strip or something into the Gen2 side mirror?
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GM no longer uses "home link", they use their own version called Universal Home Remote...Up until a few years ago it appear nearly every GM vehicle could have "home link" on some trim level but after they switched to the Universal Home Remote it's now reserved for higher trim levels and so far, not available on the Volt or Bolt EV...It should also be noted that the buttons locations are now overhead console...

Mirrors are an interesting one because the new Cruze does have them...I believe who ever made the decision to omit them didn't realize they'd be missed unlike home link (they did get some backlash from the Gen2 community about missing home link but still kept it out of the Bolt EV)...
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