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Side Markers and Altimeter

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Howdy everyone, I've just returned from a road trip through the southern US and was looking at some of the threads that showed up while I was away.

I saw one thread where someone was wanting some Volt emblems on the side of the vehicle that lit up and such and that got me thinking about whether or not the Volt will have side marker turn signals on the front fender just behind the wheel. I would like to see this on the vehicle because I think it is a great safety feature to allow other motorists to sometimes see easier that you are wanting to make a lane change. I know this is standard on Euro vehicles but American vehicles have been slow to adopt this although I think GM is starting to put it on some models.

Also, I think that an altimeter would be cool to have as part of the on board computer display. Most, if not all, vehicles now have an outside temp display and a compass but I don't think I've seen an altimeter display. I think it would be cool to have especially when on a road trip and travelling through mountain passes. It would be nice to know how high or low you've travelled. My digital camera has a built in altimeter because it is made for diving to certain depths so putting something like that in should be easy to do.
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It will definately have side mounted turn indicators. They have said they want to sell this car all over the world, and many countries require them. The original Volt concept has them in the rear veiw mirrors, so I expect that's where they'll end up. As was pointed out, a true altimeter is not required. If the car is equiped with a GPS (and it most certainly will be at least an option) they just need to make sure it is WAAS enabled and it can display altitude information accurate between 3-6 ft. So chances are, you'll be getting both your requests.:)
Another great safety idea to prevent lane change accidents would be for the Volt to have rear turn indicators (or turn signals in American) instead of the flashing brake lights seen on most GM cars.
The reason America has never gone to the amber turn indicator is that it has never been shown to actually reduce the number accidents and it adds additional cost to the car. However, I think they will do this because again, they want to sell this car all over the world and it is required in many counrties. Also it will help the car to look "less American" and this can only help in the effort to sway foreign car buyers away from Toyota, etc. So I believe you'll get your request too.:)
This is particularly true when (most) people initiate the lane change at the same moment as they turn the indicator on.
Wow. That's pretty considerate of the folks in your area. Where I live, it's a lucky day when they even turn the indicators on at all. However I live in an area that has some of the rudest, craziest and drivers I've encountered anywhere and I've driven all over the USA, in Mexico and much of Europe.
Oh, you live in South Florida as well?
No, I don't, but I have driven down there and you do have a bit of those shennanigans going on there too. Miami made me feel a bit at home on the road... unfortunately.
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