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Are you getting sick of people on other blogs comparing the Volt to the Nissan Leaf or the Toyota Prius????

Thats like comparing a Cadillac DTS to a Chevy Aveo!

I picked up my Volt last Thursday and I love this car!! To compare the Volt to other EV cars is like comparing a Cadillac DTS to the Chevy Aveo. Also Cadillac customers pay over 40k for there cars and nobody complains about them. I bought a Cadillac that happens to have a "bowtie" on the front. The Volt goes down the same assembly line as a Cadillac DTS and the Buick Lucerne.

About the federal tax credit. I pay more than $7,500 in taxes a year. I'm buying the car! Its MY taxes also! Not everyone else's. People that complain could be the 50 percent of people that don't pay any taxes at all. Also people in blogs that have an opinion on the volt, more than likely have never even test drove the Volt!!!
Opinions are like a$$holes..... Everyones got one, including me, but most of them don't know what the heck they are talking about! I have never test drove the Leaf or Prius so I would not complain about them except what they look like when I pass them on the highway! Ugly looking cars (in my opinion).

I was spending $80 a week in fuel for my Tahoe with only one driver in it most the time and now I am happy to be spending $30 a month on American made electricity! The Volt is an incredible car. To me the EV is just a bonus.
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