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Shutting down (not just mute) the music without shutting down the infotainment system

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I feel stupid for even asking this..... but how do I turn off the radio/music/Pandora without turning off the infotainment system? I know about the mute button will stop the noise, but when I check my phone it is still pulling either my songs from the memory or linking to Pandora.

Every time I start the car it immediately starts playing tunes via the Bluetooth connection, or the USB connection. It also happens with audio books. If I was listening to a book when I last used the car, it automatically starting playing the book again as soon as I start the car. If I shut down the whole system, I lose the access to car play for maps, calls and texts.

I feel like I am in a constant fight with the system to get it do what I want. There has to be something I am missing.
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That is why it is called "Infotainment System". "Information/Entertainment System". Two systems merged together with ONE power supply. Have your tried "pause" instead of mute?
My personal solution to this is to play a short youtube video on my iPhone. I have one bookmarked that ends in 15 seconds. Once the video ends, the bluetooth connection is paused and there is no further autoplay. I do this trick whenever using the Nav on a long trip. If I remember before leaving the house, I play the video there first so it is already queued up. Then when I get in my '14 Volt and turn on the Infotainment system set to bluetooth (previously paired to my phone), the same video autoplays again. But once the video ends ... silence (except for the directions of the Nav system). Ta Da!
I may be wrong on this (haven't tested it), but I believe there are separate volume controls for navigation and radio, so you should be able to just turn the radio down to zero and the navigation voice will still play. Ta Da!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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