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Shutting down (not just mute) the music without shutting down the infotainment system

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I feel stupid for even asking this..... but how do I turn off the radio/music/Pandora without turning off the infotainment system? I know about the mute button will stop the noise, but when I check my phone it is still pulling either my songs from the memory or linking to Pandora.

Every time I start the car it immediately starts playing tunes via the Bluetooth connection, or the USB connection. It also happens with audio books. If I was listening to a book when I last used the car, it automatically starting playing the book again as soon as I start the car. If I shut down the whole system, I lose the access to car play for maps, calls and texts.

I feel like I am in a constant fight with the system to get it do what I want. There has to be something I am missing.
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The whole infotainment system is a crock !

I find that i suffer random freezes of everything if the car decides to enable carplay first. The audio volume doesnt work, you can sometimes change channels on the same band (ie. AM or FM) but cannot switch between them and onstar doesnt work (light flashes but no sound which is surely a potential safety issue). The DIC displays "audio off" but you cant turn it back on or reset it unless you either leave the car off for 10 minutes or sometimes if you leave the car, unplug phone etc and walk away for about 50/60 yards.

It can happen regardless of the order in which I do things but I can almost always replicate the behaviour by plugging the phone into USB port before switching the car on. If the carplay logo is shown on the phone before I have pressed the start button I can almost always get it to (mis)behave this way. I try to remember to switch on before plugging phone in but even when I do this it seems to do the same thing every so often ... there is no single way to make it do it, sometimes it just seems so random.

Even when it does not do this, I also find that carplay/mylink can start playing random files when plugged in at first .... apart from music, I have also had theme tunes from my kids games on my phone and even audio from a website like youtube that I had been viewing on my phone ... I put much of these specific errors down to carplay itself as its really buggy on IOS10. I have reported things like Waze or other apps with speedometers displaying half speed when connected to carplay, the incoming call screens not rotating to landscape half the time and other random annoyances but it seems no-one cares about those. Do Android users have the same issue ? Perhaps its time to change phone ?
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