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Shutting down (not just mute) the music without shutting down the infotainment system

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I feel stupid for even asking this..... but how do I turn off the radio/music/Pandora without turning off the infotainment system? I know about the mute button will stop the noise, but when I check my phone it is still pulling either my songs from the memory or linking to Pandora.

Every time I start the car it immediately starts playing tunes via the Bluetooth connection, or the USB connection. It also happens with audio books. If I was listening to a book when I last used the car, it automatically starting playing the book again as soon as I start the car. If I shut down the whole system, I lose the access to car play for maps, calls and texts.

I feel like I am in a constant fight with the system to get it do what I want. There has to be something I am missing.
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"Autoplay" when plugging in is one issue, the other is if receiving notifications sets off autoplay...Receive a FB message or a Waze notification and it triggers autoplay...I'm part of a VBall group and a Happy Hour group, if one person asks about a game/HH location, usually it results in dozens of replies over the next hour...I now have an Equinox without CP and while I get autoplay upon first plugging in, receiving a notification does not trigger autoplay...This was one of the top three reasons I moved on from the Volt...
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