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Salutation from Oshawa, ON
Driving my Cyber Grey 2012 Volt jet Black leather full equip but without nav since June 2nd and I have now 7000K to it. Commuting in medium to heavy traffic every week-days, 50km trip, charging for free at work and driving 50km back to home with plenty of power for errands as most of the time I have 25km range left on the battery. Love the car, best thing I every purchased. Used only one tank of super so far due to a long trip.
Here are my suggestions for GM (and thank you for making such a fantastic car).
1) A 120V power cord that would retract into the car, this way no need to deal with a portable power supply. There should be plenty of room out back to accommodate the coil mechanism in-lieu of the wasted room for the charger that no one uses (who flips the cover all the time?). If Hoover can make this fit into my vacuum, GM can!
2) Programmable window settings via one extra buttons. Ex: Lower all windows to your preferred opening (let's say 1 inch) hold button down for 5 seconds to set preferred opening. Next time you hit that button, all windows crack open or close depending of their position. In the same way, when you hit the programmed opening button and your window are full down, they would go to the programed opening.This will keep drivers focus on the road and not on their windows opening.
3) I love the one touch window down all windows buttons provide but a "All Up" window button would be sweet. This again would help drivers keep their focus on the road.
4) a tilt lever on the front seats would add extra comfort/support.
5) as comfortable the seats are in my Volt, lumbar adjustment knob could help people with back issue.
6) parking grid assist display should be available automatically when you have the camera option. This is only available if you have both the Camera and the NAV system. This is actually the only thing I am disappointed with. An software update should be made available to fix this.
Again, thank you for fulfilling one of my childhood dream (short of a flying car).
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