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Should the cert of origin (MSO) have anyinfo on it?

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Looking at a "Certified Pre-Owned" Volt from dealer (48 miles on it) and the cert of origin lists a GM dealer on the back of it. Dealer says it has a "open title" and qualifies for the tax credit.

On the back of the cert, it states: "Each certified seller certifies to the best of his knowledge, information and belief under penalty of the law, that the vehicle is new and has not been registered in this or any state at the time of delivery and the vehicle is not subject to any security interests other than those disclosed herein and warrant title to the vehicle FOR VALUE RECEIVED TRANSFER THE VEHICLE DESCRIBED ON THE FACE OF THIS CERTIFICATE TO:

(LEFT MARGIN) Distributor-dealer Assignment Number 1.

To the right of that, it shows:

Name of purchaser: H Chevrolet
Address: 123 Anytown. TX
Odometer reading: 48
Dealer: Name of Dealership: General Motors, LLC
State of: Indiana
County: Marion

And then there's a section to the right for a notary (which shows the document as notarized).

I was under the impression that the back of the Cert of Origin (MSO) was supposed to be completely blank and nothing under the "Name of Purchaser". It almost seems like the vehicle may have been titled to the dealer.

Any thoughts on this?

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Why would it be "Certified Pre Owned" if it had never been owned? If it had never been owned, they would sell it to you as new would they not?
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