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There is already someone doing a cross-country drive from East to West right now. They posted on a Tesla forum today about their progress. NY to So. Cal I think it is. They will show in CA and who knows if anyone will even cover it. They are probably not the first to do it. Some are driving N and S from NY to Miami now that the east coast I-95 corridor is open.

It is a very limited route though. Superchargers are much like tank-lines in scuba diving. Once you are off the primary SuperCharger link, you need lower-speed charging elsewhere like RV parks or J1772 overnight. Tesla's solution won't be complete until 1000+ SCs are installed in the US and that may not be that convenient for many. Can you imagine if one station goes down for 2 days? It then comes down to who on the Plugshare network can they link-up with to get an acceptable charge to proceed.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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