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only if the rules prohibit exceeding the posted speed limit.

Cannonball run tomfoolery will finally come to an end only when some innocent is killed in a fireball during an attempt. Fortunatly, the last guys to do this created a close to unbeatable mark, unfortunatly, there are lots of people with way too much free time on thier hands who would love to prove that they could beat this....

clearly the plug in combo vehicles, like the Volt and cmax-energi and pip, could drive this non stop after their 10 or 20 or 38 miles on battery, while the battery vehicles would have to charge up regularly. The Tesla can charge up at about 90 mph or more in good conditions, so at the speed limit, a tesla could continuously drive for 4 hours, then charge for 2 and cover about 250 miles every 6 hours this way. 60 hours cross country or so at the speed limit. a bunch faster it someone wants to put the rest of the driving public at risk. Anyone in a 2 door Aspire could probably complete the run legally in 60 hours. faster with extra fuel tanks fitted....
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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