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Should i trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 2?

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I have a 2015, and it's been a great car. Just a couple of issues (water leak due to a pinch weld lacking sealer, and a dash rattle...), but nothing serious and nothing involving the drivetrain. However, I'm thinking about trading up. Reasons?

1. Gen 2 more power. Gen 1 can't pull a greased string out of a hen's ass. I realize Gen 2 only an increment better, but anything will help in this area.
2. Appearance. Gen 1 homely, especially from a side view. Back end not too bad, though.
3. EV range. Although Gen 1 has been adequate for my use case.

But my concern: The Gen 2 seems to have more service bulletins than the space shuttle. Are these issues being resolved? Any decent evidence that late production 2017's have the kinks worked out?

I don't want a car that will live in the dealer's service department, nor do I want to sit roadside waiting for AAA to pick me up.

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I debated this myself--and went with a Gen 2. However, I would have kept my Gen 1 if it hadn't been in an accident and I didn't want to deal with the inevitable long-term issues that plagued every car I' owned that's had bodywork. Heck, I knew all the quirks of the Gen 1 was used to them... and my ICE only had about 15K of miles on it (out of 55K total). This was basically a new car.

Gen 2 is an evolution, but not a revolution. I prefer the Gen 1 style, but the Gen 2 is definitely more refined in every other way.

For me, the extra range will make my round-trip work commute EV only in moderate temps--big game changer.

You have some specific reasons for the Gen 2, so you should probably do an in-depth test drive in various conditions to make sure it has the power you want. 0-30 will please you, but it tends to be a bit less pronounced above that.

I will add that while Gen 1 is an engineering marvel, it also had its unusual "first gen" issues. I had to get a partial battery replacement and had many "teething pain" issues that would frustrate all but committed early adopters. Part of that was design and the other part was simple local inexperience and training with working on these rare(r) cars. My "hope" is that the redesign fixed some of these other powertrain and software gremlins that is to be expected with such a revolutionary car.

Good luck with your thought process and let us know.
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I just want to add, from an early impression point-of-view, that the Gen 1 felt more like a "driver's" car and the Gen 2 more of a "passenger's" car. It's smoother, more luxurious (at least with premier trim), takes bumps better, has lighter steering, is more quiet and refined. However, in doing my same routes today to/from work that I last did with my Gen 1, it's just not as much fun to toss around despite better power delivery. The suspension is less firm. This may/may not be important to you.

On the other hand, I did my entire 56 mile round trip commute entirely on battery, with 2 miles to spare (no charging at work). And that's why I own a Gen 2...
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