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Should i trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 2?

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I have a 2015, and it's been a great car. Just a couple of issues (water leak due to a pinch weld lacking sealer, and a dash rattle...), but nothing serious and nothing involving the drivetrain. However, I'm thinking about trading up. Reasons?

1. Gen 2 more power. Gen 1 can't pull a greased string out of a hen's ass. I realize Gen 2 only an increment better, but anything will help in this area.
2. Appearance. Gen 1 homely, especially from a side view. Back end not too bad, though.
3. EV range. Although Gen 1 has been adequate for my use case.

But my concern: The Gen 2 seems to have more service bulletins than the space shuttle. Are these issues being resolved? Any decent evidence that late production 2017's have the kinks worked out?

I don't want a car that will live in the dealer's service department, nor do I want to sit roadside waiting for AAA to pick me up.

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First, I don't know if you actually mean trade-in to the dealer, or you mean you'll sell your Gen1 and then buy a Gen2. I always hate to hear of anyone trading in a car to the dealer. They're good at hiding it, but know that you're always getting screwed when you trade-in. Just sell the car yourself. The internet makes it very easy to do these days.

If you need more range and acceleration then go for the Gen2.

Personally I prefer the styling on the Gen1. The Gen2 looks too Civic-ish for me. And, as you say, reliability of the Gen2 hasn't been as excellent as the Gen1. But, the Gen1 is one of the best engineered cars ever made by anyone, and some lowering of standards was inevitable with the Gen2 to lower costs.
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