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Should i trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 2?

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I have a 2015, and it's been a great car. Just a couple of issues (water leak due to a pinch weld lacking sealer, and a dash rattle...), but nothing serious and nothing involving the drivetrain. However, I'm thinking about trading up. Reasons?

1. Gen 2 more power. Gen 1 can't pull a greased string out of a hen's ass. I realize Gen 2 only an increment better, but anything will help in this area.
2. Appearance. Gen 1 homely, especially from a side view. Back end not too bad, though.
3. EV range. Although Gen 1 has been adequate for my use case.

But my concern: The Gen 2 seems to have more service bulletins than the space shuttle. Are these issues being resolved? Any decent evidence that late production 2017's have the kinks worked out?

I don't want a car that will live in the dealer's service department, nor do I want to sit roadside waiting for AAA to pick me up.

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Yes, yes. I know about Gen 2 options and features. You're entirely missing my question: Will the Gen 2 leave me stranded alongside the road, or have they got the various issues sorted out? That's all I really want to know.


You did not mention the additional safety features available on the Gen 2. The advanced safety features available on the Gen 2 Volt can actually lower your insurance premium. Also, adaptive cruise control (ACC) is very popular among Gen 2 owners. ACC is only available on the 2017 and newer Volt Premier. The Gen 2 also enables you to be able to use Apple Carplay and Android Auto for navigation, phone, text messaging, and for listening to music, podcasts and audible books.
Hi, and again, thanks. Yes, good policy to pay attention to lights, messages, recalls, etc. But my Gen 1 has had no lights, messages, recalls, etc. Even if a Gen 2 doesn't leave me stranded, I don't want to make a hobby of attending to warning messages and carrying every conceivable emergency tool. I just want to drive it and not fuss with it. I don't want to have to use AAA. Gen 1 is working just fine, but I would trade up to the Gen 2 if I had some idea if it's reliability is similar.


My 2017 Volt has never left me stranded. I make a point to pay attention to any warning lights or error messages should they occur. I attend to any recall notices or TSBs promptly. I carry a spare tire, jack and tire changing tools. I have OnStar emergency roadside assistance should I need a tow. What else would I need? You won't find a written guarantee that a given car won't develop a problem but you can be prepared for the most likely contingencies.

My last vehicle, a 2011 Ford Fusion never left me stranded but I am pretty sure my Ford tried to kill me a few times; loss of power steering due to a bad power steering unit, loss of power while on the highway due to bad throttle body.
OK, thanks.

Good to hear your Gen 2 working fine so far.

Hopefully all the early Gen 2 gremlins have been rectified in the latest builds, but you never know. I mean, note how they haven't improved the Gen 1 coolant sensor replacement part. (FWIW, I have the WOT replacement piece, but have yet to install it.)

I think I just might pull the trigger. It's kind of silly from a $ and cents standpoint, as the 2015 has been a nice car. Will likely cost nearly $20k to replace, but, hey, you can't take it with you. My last few cars I had kept over 10 years each, so replacing after just a year (bought the 2015 used...) will be a first for me. But I can better take advantage of the tax benefit this year, not next - so that is also a consideration.


I own both. Gen 2 is a worthy upgrade imo. Both generations have been reliable for me thus far. I have 23k miles on the gen 2 and haven't had a single hiccup. The gen 1 (53k miles) has been flawless until two weeks ago when it developed a clicking noise from the left front wheel. They're replacing the driver side axle this week under the powertrain warranty. I'd trade in the gen 1 for a 2nd gen 2, but I'm wanting to go full BEV on the next vehicle and I'm waiting for GM to offer ACC and Moonroof options for the Bolt.
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