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Should i trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 2?

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I have a 2015, and it's been a great car. Just a couple of issues (water leak due to a pinch weld lacking sealer, and a dash rattle...), but nothing serious and nothing involving the drivetrain. However, I'm thinking about trading up. Reasons?

1. Gen 2 more power. Gen 1 can't pull a greased string out of a hen's ass. I realize Gen 2 only an increment better, but anything will help in this area.
2. Appearance. Gen 1 homely, especially from a side view. Back end not too bad, though.
3. EV range. Although Gen 1 has been adequate for my use case.

But my concern: The Gen 2 seems to have more service bulletins than the space shuttle. Are these issues being resolved? Any decent evidence that late production 2017's have the kinks worked out?

I don't want a car that will live in the dealer's service department, nor do I want to sit roadside waiting for AAA to pick me up.

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I'd have to suggest against trading in unless the Gen 2 is just all around something you want more. The good thing is, your Gen 1 has done the biggest part of it's depreciation which you would start all over with if you buy a Gen 2. Secondly, you know how reliable your '15 has been and it's got sufficient range for you. I really have no big complaints about the power of the Gen 1 other than I wish it had a little more to give when passing at freeway speeds but for around town it's got plenty of power. Exterior vision is lacking in the Gen 1, and not sure if that was addressed in the Gen 2, but that, in combination with the extra safety and convenience features is something that would have me contemplating and weighing in the cost difference.

Most models do tend to have some reliability setbacks after a major redesign and it appears the Gen 2 is definitely firmly in that camp. Unfortunately the later 17's and '18's haven't been out long enough to know if they took care of most of these issues but we do know the Gen 1 has really proven itself for long term reliability.
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Unfortunately that's a tough question to answer. I've known people who've had Hondas that spent more time being worked on than driving, and I've known people who've had Fiats with no issues what so ever. It's really a craps shot, though in general I don't believe the Gen 2 is any less reliable than most other cars out there. I'm sure a lot of the known issues have been addressed with TSB's, and as those come out they generally apply them to the units being built at the time so they're always getting better.
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