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Should i trade my Gen 1 for a Gen 2?

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I have a 2015, and it's been a great car. Just a couple of issues (water leak due to a pinch weld lacking sealer, and a dash rattle...), but nothing serious and nothing involving the drivetrain. However, I'm thinking about trading up. Reasons?

1. Gen 2 more power. Gen 1 can't pull a greased string out of a hen's ass. I realize Gen 2 only an increment better, but anything will help in this area.
2. Appearance. Gen 1 homely, especially from a side view. Back end not too bad, though.
3. EV range. Although Gen 1 has been adequate for my use case.

But my concern: The Gen 2 seems to have more service bulletins than the space shuttle. Are these issues being resolved? Any decent evidence that late production 2017's have the kinks worked out?

I don't want a car that will live in the dealer's service department, nor do I want to sit roadside waiting for AAA to pick me up.

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I own both. Gen 2 is a worthy upgrade imo. Both generations have been reliable for me thus far. I have 23k miles on the gen 2 and haven't had a single hiccup. The gen 1 (53k miles) has been flawless until two weeks ago when it developed a clicking noise from the left front wheel. They're replacing the driver side axle this week under the powertrain warranty. I'd trade in the gen 1 for a 2nd gen 2, but I'm wanting to go full BEV on the next vehicle and I'm waiting for GM to offer ACC and Moonroof options for the Bolt.
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