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Should I jump on a deal for Pirelli 215/55-17 tires? for a 2017 Volt.

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So there's a deal going on and I've actually been looking to pickup a set of the Pirelli Cinturatos.... I drive a lot, my 2017 already has about 16K on the clock.

So I know the stock size is 215/50-17, would there be any other adverse effects going with the 215/55-17 Pirelli tires, outside of the 3% difference in speedometer readings I'd get?

Was tempted to buy them now and just store them in the garage for the next 6 months or year till I actually need new tires.

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Buy them! I switched to Michelin's Energy Savers and the handling is night and day, if you enjoy driving put them on right away and save the stocks for back up IMHO. Unless you're a hyper miler who cares if you get 56 or 60 EV miles!
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