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Should I accept shipment of this Draw-tite hitch? Opinions wanted.

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Ordered a new Draw-Tite 24947 hitch for my 2018 Volt. It arrived yesterday, to my surprise, with no box. It was just wrapped in a few skimpy pieces of cardboard and a lot of poly-wrap. I've ordered a lot of things online in my life, and never seen anything like this!

It seems to have survived in square shape, but there is paint damage in several places. None of those places would actually show, but the bare metal is exposed and will be prone to rusting. I'm inclined to think this is a non-issue in terms of service life, but it just irks me. Especially coming on top of the fact that I waited 3 full weeks for this to arrive.

Would you accept this? Should I try to return it? I was counting on having this for a trip this weekend and there's no time to get a replacement.

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You could contact the company and see what they are willing to do for you as far as sending a replacement via overnight express shipping.

As long as the hitch is not damaged (other than the paint) you might want to use it for your upcoming trip and if there is a problem you discover while using the hitch then you could return it for an exchange. A quick shot of spray paint from a can of Rust-Oleum will cover up the missing paint. The hitch is going eventually lose some paint from use anyway.
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