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Shifter stuck on park (and fix)

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Wife experienced the issue where our Volt did not shift out from park. The gear stick did not move and was locked. MIL light was active and car did not turn off.

Instructed wife to:
- emergency shutdown the car with tripple press on the on/off button.
- go out of the car
- open the charge door (with keyfob) and assist manually if not opening
- close the charge door
- start the car

With this all error messages went away and wife was able to start the car and drive off normally.

Reason for this seems to be that Volt triggers MIL light if the charge door open button (fob/door) has been pressed, but the charge door was obstructed from opening (grime, ice, etc.). Most likely it through also that this was a catastrophic charging failure. Seen it do this couple of times now.

Doesn't normally occur as if the charge door is intentionally opened, you usually go on trying until you get it open.

P.S. Our triple-honk has now 100kkm (~70k miles) on the meter, with 2.6l/100km average.
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THANK YOU KNI!!! I had a different problem on my 2013 Volt Premium, tried your triple button push emergency shutdown routine to the letter, and now my volume control problem is gone!! Instead of a nice calm musical greeting when I sat down in the car, the volume would be at MAXIMUM DEAFENING level, making me cover my ears! SAME scenario with powering up the car and powering down the car. Oh, my, the horrible decibels!! Now it seems to be working fine again. I know you weren't trying to fix my volume problem, but you did. Thanks, man!
Don from Camano Island WA
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