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I need some opinions: I just noticed this week that my 2014 Volt with 1700 miles on it is starting to shake in the rear (I believe) when I am above 35 MPH. I have not brought it in to the dealer yet and I plan to make an appointment this week.
I live in Wisconsin and there is snow with some ice frozen to the rim. I have heard that the rims/tires together weigh very little.
Some of my thoughts are that one or more tires are out of balance because of the ice on the rim. Or, being so new, I have a loose suspension component. Another option is that one of the so many pot holes in Wisconsin ruined one of the fragile one-ply tires.

However, I am writing to this forum to ask if any of you have heard other reports of Volts with loose rear suspension components, out of balance wheels or other problems causing shaking to come from the rear of the car?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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