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With the weather we have been having here you have snow in the rims. It can build up while driving and to a lesser degree from drifting snow. Conditions have been about perfect on both accounts lately. If you get any melting some of the snow falls to the bottom of rim and your out of balance. With the light rims and tires is doesn't seem to take a much to notice an out of balance condition either from snow or even losing a partial wheel weight.

I'm on the roads before the plows generally run in the morning so I've seen it a few times ;-). I found a nice small stiff bristle brush to clean it out when it occurs. Be careful of the wheel weights though.

The airflow though the wheel when turning seems to be pretty neutral for efficiency so it doesn't blow out it seems. Happens on other cars to but the Volt so darn smooth otherwise it can be very noticeable to some of us. Including myself :)

And welcome to the Northeastern Wisconsin Volt Family!!!!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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