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Service High Voltage Charging System - Out of warranty

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Got in my 2013 volt this morning to go to work, go the "service high voltage charging system" error code. What exactly does it mean? New charger needed?

Battery coolant level is fine.

I'm at 145k miles so I'm guessing out of warranty or would this be included on the 150k voltec warranty?

I have only had the car for a couple months :(
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So I bought the sensor bypass and I was good for a day after installing it, but today it just threw the same 3 codes.

Does that mean it's the battery that went bad then?

I'm going to schedule a visit to the dealer, so i guess i should plug back in the battery coolant level sensor? Unhook the ground and all that again?
Any modifications you've done to the car need to be undone, and quickly. This is so the dealership can't claim those modifications caused the problem.
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