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Service High Voltage Charging System - Out of warranty

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Got in my 2013 volt this morning to go to work, go the "service high voltage charging system" error code. What exactly does it mean? New charger needed?

Battery coolant level is fine.

I'm at 145k miles so I'm guessing out of warranty or would this be included on the 150k voltec warranty?

I have only had the car for a couple months :(
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quick into
As many getting this - the trigger may be

1. the Hot weather causing a false trigger of the sensor or harness that got added to 2011-2012 Volts

2. old 12 volt batteries

3. LOW coolant ( but most of us check that and that is NOT the reason)


A. There is a service report on getting replacement NEW sensor and cable
BUT like many dealer items you must have the problem before that will install .

B. reports are that to just clear - you need to re-flash/program a module AND clear/reset some codes
not just clear codes

Links are in the other post but will link them here later.
I plan to do 12 volt battery first as it is 7 years old and a dealer re-programming and code reset
then wait and see about sensor/cable.
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Bulletin No.: PI0961A
Date: November, 2013

"Scan modules HPCM2 has codes. P1FFF and P0AA6 current.

Scan check data. Isolation resistance is ok, at 325k ohms.

Perform update on BECM and HPCM2 as per bulletin PIC5920.

Also replace Coolant level sensor for high voltage battery pack with updated unit for P1FFF.

Bulletin PI0961."
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I was going to take the talking point that as there was a Bulletin on a possible coolant level sensor glitch and al flashing and code reset can fix the problem only do that.

AND for a low or no charge price.

My dealer did do the adding of the original in house parts to the cooling tank in 2012 as part of the battery support upgrade.
Some one who know needs to up date us but :

I got the impression from older post that the module checking and re-flash/programming was not a fast process.
It may all be done on auto but some times has to be re-started ?

So general shop hour charges may be used ?
I just got back from having a new 12 volt battery installed and tried to get my dealer to do the software check and programming.

Was told they no longer service Volt/bolts.
At the very least they no longer have a volt tech no idea if the equipment they do have would have done the programming.

I did get a name of another dealer in Dallas that has 2 volt tech's
Will post what I get charged later.

My total Battery charge was $218.00 172 for battery 25 for labor
Found this on

If a coolant leak is not observed, update the HPCM2 and BECM with the latest calibrations in TIS2Web. The revised calibrations are designed to improve the measurement accuracy of the internal loss of isolation DTC P0AA6. This is the more common repair for this DTC. The HPCM2 and the BECM work in conjunction to monitor and control the battery pack.

The BECM programming procedure is unique. It’s important to wait for service programming to fully complete with the checkered flag, as each of the four Battery Interface Control Modules (BICMs) are subsequently flashed once the status bar reaches 100%. Remain patient as this programming could take an additional ten minutes.

If DTC P1FFF does not clear after programming, attempt a secured high voltage code clear, as a function of the HPCM2.

The special labor operation listed in PIC5920G as well as normal programming updates for the HPCM2 and BECM are covered under the Voltec warranty period (8 years/100,000 miles, U.S., or 160,000 kilometers, Canada).
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