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Service Battery Charging System and other error messages

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I have Problems/Issues, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Chevy Volt 2013 showing Service Battery Charging System and the red battery light stays on as displayed on the dashboard indicator error messages.

The 12volts external battery is dead. When i charged it ams start the car but after driving the battery ran down again. Voltmeter showed 11.5v so I bought a new battery and the problems remain.
Please note that the car is out of warranty and currently in Abuja where there is no onstar service.
Kindly help on how to fix this
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Hope someone can help me with below below issue i have with my Volt 2011 (model 2012).

I have faced few times an issue with "Service High Voltage Charging System" and no possibility to charge until cleaning up errors by OBD dongle. So i decided to reprogram HVAC2 module. I have ordered VCX Nano and started flashing. All was going smooth but after flashing (i have updated almost all the modules) i have faced an issue with "Service battery charging system"message on dashboard.

GDS shows "U1821" for Hybrid Powertrain control Module and "Lost communication with DC/DC".
And now i cannot reach K1 14V Power Module by TIS to reprogram it (was reaching it before).
Tried to reprogramm BECM few times and it goes normally and reaches the end but when i go to module details i see that one of components is keeping old calibration "23104375" instead of new proposed by TIS "23215572"

Also i need to notice that charging from 220V goes normally of both high voltage and 14V. But when i start the car APM do not want to feed 14V and i can drive only till 14V is fully discharged.
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Digging more with GDS:
- i can switch on the FAN of APM (from HPCM2 control functions)
- control its output voltage from 13 to 15v
but cannot make it work as seems that other module is not sending high voltage to APM input.

Could it be that BECM is making those troubles? Any chance to solve by reprogramming with other tool (other than vcx nano)?
Where is BECM located and can it be replaced?

Also i found out that we can see each of ninety something HV battery cell voltages. Mine show from 4.03 то 4.05
Today I was lucky to get GM MDI original instrument and tried to reprogram my K1 module (using both only reprogramming and replacement options) but unfortunately no success - E4399 communication error.

It seems that the only option left is to replace APM.

Can I do it without touching main switch? (As practically car is not feeding HV to APM)

What are replacement options I can look at? I have 24261316 MSE465 MS1316A11710879 APM unit.
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