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Hey Everyone,

I have a 2014 Volt with about 40K miles on it. Last month I had my first issue with the car, where a Service Airbag light code B0017 came on. The dealer fixed the issue by apply dieletric grease to one of the wires on the drivers side to help with the "low resistance" issue.

Well the light is back and it stays on a majority of the time, unless I run over a speed bump or pothole - then it is intermittent. Took it back to the dealer and now they are proposing to replace the airbag, the module, and a bunch of other stuff.

They are looking at me to pay for the repairs because it is out of warranty. This is in the hundreds of dollars (if not thousand) range for an issue that isn't a wear and tear item. It just seems like basic safety items like airbags etc should not be pushed onto the owner to pay for especially with this little miles.

A couple questions to forum members:

1. Has anyone had this recurring issue with the drivers side airbag? How was your car repaired?
2. Has anyone had success in getting GM to cover the repair cost for the safety system?

I've called 877-486-5846 and spoke with a GM rep and opened up a Case. I was under the impression that this number would be for a Volt specific advisor but it didn't seem that way. Have things changed over the past few months in regards to the Volt advisor team, etc?

Thanks in advance.

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The new VOLT advisor is called Chevy Electric ,covering the Volts, the Sparks, the Bolts,,,the light ON , probably means that the airbag will NOT deploy in a motor accident...Good luck, still you have the seat belt that will reduce your risk of death 60%,more significant than the airbag.

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Welcome to

B0017 is for the driver's KNEE airbag.
We haven't had that DTC reported here before so pretty rare and not something where there's any bulletins or recalls

BUT there should be a secondary symptom code suffix (-01/02/04/0D/0E) that would indicate the actual type of circuit fault detected
Knowing this would be good as it affects the possibilities of fault. Check your copy of the repair order, it may list it.

But the deployment device diagnosis is pretty basic, essentially there's either an issue with the drivers knee bag initiator, the Sensing Diagnostic Module (less likely) or the wiring in between. (again depending on the symptom code)

The trick is to actually have it failing when the testing is being performed to 100% ascertain which, as otherwise you are simply throwing darts (guessing) There's no use replacing everything, but if you were to throw a dart I would simply check all the connections (don't already?) and if nothing found replace the drivers knee airbag.

If the car is off the B2B warranty, essentially it's your responsibility. Sorry doesn't matter if it's a "safety system" as there's no special coverage for just about anything over B2B other than powertrain, the Voltec system components and lithium ion battery.

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