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Seriously GM? Now the MyChevrolet app is going down the same road as MyVolt

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So I'm sure most of us who like to keep their car connected and enjoy stats has used the OnStar for remote start, MyVolt, or MyChevrolet.

Both OnStar and MyVolt being seemingly abandoned and have never worked correctly for me (especially the website)

A fellow member told me about MyChevrolet and holy crap it looked like a well designed page/app/system all in one to see what you wanted to see and do what you wanted to do.

Sign in today to check my range/status/etc and I was greeted with this:

The data on the app and the website sync everything except the MPG, it's showing I only get 38.9mpg, when the actual MPG on the website is 121mpg (same as what the car itself it saying)

Tried clearing the cache, reinstalled the app, looks like the same people who programmed all the other things for Chevy got their hands on this one too.

Seriously -- how bad do you have to screw up to have three seperate platforms for viewing vehicle data, and none of them ever work correctly?

I know there's voltstats, but I can't remote start from there, lol
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At the risk of being considered a thread hijacker, I would like to know if Accelerus and RFE are running their batteries all the way down every day when doing their 60+ mile round-trip commutes. Or are you using the hold mode (mountain mode?)?

I'm seriously considering a Volt for my 60 mile daily commute and would love to know if there would be serious long-term degradation issues. My newest car is 10 years old now and the thought of only going to the gas station 12 times a year is a glorious idea! Also guessing you are driving 2016 or 2017 models for the 53 mile AER.

Thanks, and my apologies for the threadjacking.

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