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September Sales in Canada: 483 Volts and 227 Bolts

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The Volt set a monthly sales record of 483 units.
The Bolt had its second-best month at 227.

On a per-capita basis, that would be equivalent to 4300 Volts and 2000 Bolts sold in the US.
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I ordered a 2018 Volt Premier on October 7th and was told that the build would start sometime in January 2018. My dealer will be keeping me up to date as to the build.
I ordered one with black exterior and black/brandy interior.
Added both driver confidence packages and adaptive cruise control.
Since I will be taking delivery probably closer to February 2018, what are the best Winter tires to get?
Thanks in advance.
I've heard people say Michelin X-Ice are good. I like BridgeStone Blizzack's personally (had them on my old Ford Probe and they were amazing).

I just took delivery of my Silver LT 2018 Volt. Base model, no options. I love it so far, it's amazing!

You do know that the manufacturing plant where the Volt is produced will be shutting down on October 20th until at least Christmas? There were other earlier news articles that said also in January for 3 weeks production will be idled due to swelling inventory of the vehicles produced at that factory. It's really bizarre though. There is some demand in Canada for the Volt and dealerships are struggling to get them. In the US there are over 5000 Volts sitting on dealer lots unsold (probably mostly in California) and they are offering steep discounts on them. I've read upto $3500 USD off MSRP. I even saw one advertisement to lease a 2017 Volt for $99 per month....crazy!

Anyway, here is the link:

(sorry the board would not allow me to post the proper URL, but Google:


Dealerships won't budge here in Canada on the Volt MSRP because they have such a hard time getting Volts. I was lucky in that my dealership had ordered 3 spare Volts so I only waited about 3 weeks to take delivery of mine. But I was flexible on colour and options. I didn't really care what colour or if I got an LT or Premier model.

Keep us updated on your vehicle delivery. You will love the Volt!
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