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September Sales in Canada: 483 Volts and 227 Bolts

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The Volt set a monthly sales record of 483 units.
The Bolt had its second-best month at 227.

On a per-capita basis, that would be equivalent to 4300 Volts and 2000 Bolts sold in the US.
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They'd sell more if they actually delivered. I've had one on order since first week in Aug. Current estimated delivery is end October. The dealer blames GM for the delay, but my suspicion is the dealer isn't that interested in worrying about one already sold.
No, the dealers can't GET them - the stories are legitimate. I know a few people who have been told the wait now exceeds 6 months. To add insult to injury, the GM dealer where we bought our Volt (which is by no means a small dealership by any stretch of the imagination, at that) told us that they only got allotted 2 (!!) this year and both were sold before they even left the factory.

Something is completely botched up in the supply chain when we keep hearing all these stories about how Bolts are sitting unsold on dealership lots in the USA and the inventory is swelling, but people can't get their hands on them here for the life of them. Those numbers could easily be MANY times higher if there was actually cars to be bought, but a lot of people get discouraged when they hear they may have to wait 6 (or more) months for delivery and they just buy something else instead.

Given our drasitically higher price of gas here, once people grasp the potential savings better, electric cars will take off quickly here IF they're actually on the lots!
I should have been clearer, it's a Volt I'm waiting for, not a Bolt. Since I ordered, other dealers in town seem to have them, but I got a good trade-in value so I don't want to try to cancel and go elsewhere. Of course, I guess I'm putting more miles on the trade-in, so in the end the dealer's losing out on the wait too.
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