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Senior citizen drives Volt almost 4,000 miles in less than 5 days, followed by drone!

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Amazing, a drone (probably from the NSA "NonSence Association") tracking a suspicious looking senior citizen driving a fast Volt, along parts of Route 66 and other points out west.

Note, speed limits in Texas are 75 MPH except on Interstate 10 from Kerr County to El Paso County where it is 80 MPH (and TxDOT is planning on raising that to 85 MPH...) My wife and I rotated driving duties and "nap sessions" which allowed us to cover a lot of miles in less than 5 days and we spent 3 nights only in hotels.

And I still meet people who believe a Volt can only go about 50 miles before it has to stop and be recharged ALL DAY back to a full charge.
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Sterling Silver, Let me be the first to say "Welcome Back!"

I've been lurking here since about 2012, and always enjoyed your sense of humor and hilarious storytelling. I can especially relate on the goats, as my husband and I used to have a small flock (for fun/hobby) in GA & my parents raise & sell goat milk in NC. Glad you're back. Looking forward to the chuckles & bellylaughs that are sure to follow your return.
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