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Self Install Clear Bra Paint Protection Film on a 2016-17?

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Has anyone done their own self install of clear bra installation for hood and bumper on a 2016 or 2017? I've installed 3m kits on previous cars, but its been a number of years. Just wondering if Volt is a bear? The bumper looks like it might not be a ton of fun.
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I had all the leading edge surfaces (bumper, 1/2 hood, partial fender, side mirror skull caps), plus the door edges and top of rear bumper (suitcase damage area) of my 2011 done for about $500 locally. Took 2 guys about 3 or so hours. It has definitely saved the car from some damage. Mine has the 3M clearbra material. Would do it again.
I'm not sure if the "clear" options are clear enough
For comparison, my 3M clear bra is invisible. From a few angles where the bra ends on the hood you may see a very very thin hairline. That's it. Not sure why some feel the need to cover the entire vehicle. It's only the leading front and door edges that are subject to small stones hitting on the highway that need protection in my experience.

I've spray painted (primer, metallic base, clear) plenty of cars in my day. Having the clear bra installed in a few hours is my preference and indeed that's what I did.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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