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Sorry for the public post.. looking for anyone near Irvine, CA with a 2016 or 2017 Premier with DC1&2 but NO ACC for a quick experiment. I'm trying to isolate the CAN messages unique to the Premier but not from the ACC (which I have). I have scans from an LT as well. It seems the LT doesn't even have the 3rd bus. I suspect most of the stuff on the 3rd bus is from the Delphi ESR for ACC but I'd like to confirm.. Just looking for a few minutes with the car to scan the various messages on all three CAN busses.

Thanks! :)

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Not in California, but I have do have have access to ELM scanner etc and have a 2016 with no ACC that I could possible assist with remote Team Viewer or? What are you chasing?

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Cool, thanks.. I'm trying to map out the various sensors (sonar, rear side radars, Mobileye, front (ACC) radar).

Can you read all 3 CAN busses with the ELM or just the pin6+14 bus?

On the powertrain (6+14) bus I've found a few messages that don't show up on an LT.
I also scanned a Premier without ACC at the dealership yesterday but was somewhat surprised nothing showed up on the 3rd CAN bus (just like the LT) even though it had a camera.. Maybe forgot to turn on LKA so perhaps camera wasn't powered?

Anyway on the powertrain (6+14) bus these were the messages unique to the Premier..
x241 (ACC only)
x2cb (ACC only)
x370 (ACC only)
x510 (ACC only)
x641 (ACC only)

If you see any of the messages I've marked on the list as "ACC only", let me know!.. I might have missed something..


edit: Just checked the dealer inventory online to check the options on the Premier I was scanning.. Now I'm not sure it had DC1+DC2.. I guess I assumed most of the Premiers had this standard but checking inventory on a few local dealerships I don't see any Premiers with DC1+DC2...?!?!?!
edit2: Ok just found a few.. even one with ACC.. But it seems most (75-80%?) of the Premiers don't have DC1+DC2..
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