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Secret settings.

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I take my lunch break at work in my 2012 volt. I plug my iPhone5 in to to the USB and watch netflix. My audio will not sync with the video. There is a 3 second delay from the video to the audio. It is very Aggravating, like watching a foreign film translated to English . I had this same problem with my chevy truck when I installed a pioneer in dash DVD player. I called pioneer and I think they had me Chang PAL to NTSC witch was not in the manual, then it worked perfectly! (They had me push a button for 10 sec) not in the settings menu.
Is the a setting like this in the volt.? And no it's not just netflix it's even music videos that are preloaded on the phone. And you will notice the lag at the beginning of a song. Any words of wisdom will help!
Thanks in advance!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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