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We live in the country and consequently use a lot of electricity. We have a deep well and pressure pump that, combined with our regular usage, puts us in tier 4 energy. This is the highest rate at 28 cent a kwh. Anyway we just got our first full electric bill after buying the Volts. Yes, that is Volts. We have two.
Congratulations on the two new cars, Michael! I am curious... how far do you and your wife commute?

Since you are pumping your own water, that reminds me... People here in Central CA with their own well are permitted to have TWO electric meters and therefore two baseline allocations of electricity, if they wire their pump to the new meter. The same is possible with an electric vehicle (I am looking into that option). So you have your own pump and TWO electrics. I would think SDGE likely has the same rules. With all those extra electrical units, I would think it would be worth checking if you qualify for an extra meter, and I'd certainly ask about adding more than one meter.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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