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Scheduled Preconditioning?

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Hi Everyone!

Loving my Volt 2017 so far!
How that temperature is dipping near 0C ... time to warm up the cabin before getting into the car with my 4yo!

I know there is a way to set "Departure time".
Is there a way to tell the Volt to "Precondition cabin for departure at xx:yy time"?!

Even the stupid SmartCar can do this ...

Or do i have to use my RemoteApp and hit Start-Car 10min before i leave?

THX!! :)
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I use an alarm clock on my smartphone to remind me, then I press the buttons on the fob. RemoteLink takes too long (app talks to onstar through the Internet, onstar calls the car on a phone, sends commands, hangs up.). Make sure you are i\parked outside or have the setting set to not allow ICE while preconditioning and make sure you are plugged in. Yu don't want to build up exhaust in a closed garage.
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