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Scheduled Preconditioning?

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Hi Everyone!

Loving my Volt 2017 so far!
How that temperature is dipping near 0C ... time to warm up the cabin before getting into the car with my 4yo!

I know there is a way to set "Departure time".
Is there a way to tell the Volt to "Precondition cabin for departure at xx:yy time"?!

Even the stupid SmartCar can do this ...

Or do i have to use my RemoteApp and hit Start-Car 10min before i leave?

THX!! :)
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OP, this functionality was something I had hoped for with the new myChevrolet app update. It might've converted me from the RemoteLink app to the myChevrolet app. Sadly, this was not the case. In another thread about broken charge complete notifications, I thought the update was related to the Bolt becoming available soon. New features like scheduled precondition and navigate and show nearest charging station. Still hoping for a future update...

I just started both volts via the OnStar app. The gen 2 took 9.5 seconds to start and the gen 1 took 11.5 seconds (iPad in one hand with app and iPhone in the other with stopwatch). That is too long for you guys? Ironically, I did the gen 2 first and the time included inputting my pin.
I've had varying times and success remoting starting. Sometimes it doesn't go through until the 2nd attempt. 2/3 of the time, I get it to finish within several seconds. 1/3 of the time, I'm counting more than 20 Mississippies (sp??) and my Volt still hasn't started. FYI, I have a security camera pointed at my Volt so I can see when it starts the precondition. There's yet another time variance: the time from precondition start (visually confirmed) to precondition acknowledged on the phone app. I've waited up to 5 seconds for the app to show the car is preconditioning after I see the car lights. This is all via WIFI as my cellular reception is not great at home.

I read a thread here once where they used an android app to call the OnStar app and do the deed. Can't find the thread.
I think you're thinking of Tasker? That one can I believe simulate user interaction to mimic your start of the app and entering of the PIN code, but I recall you need to be root to enable tapping in the PIN code.
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