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Scheduled Preconditioning?

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Hi Everyone!

Loving my Volt 2017 so far!
How that temperature is dipping near 0C ... time to warm up the cabin before getting into the car with my 4yo!

I know there is a way to set "Departure time".
Is there a way to tell the Volt to "Precondition cabin for departure at xx:yy time"?!

Even the stupid SmartCar can do this ...

Or do i have to use my RemoteApp and hit Start-Car 10min before i leave?

THX!! :)
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I just started both volts via the OnStar app. The gen 2 took 9.5 seconds to start and the gen 1 took 11.5 seconds (iPad in one hand with app and iPhone in the other with stopwatch). That is too long for you guys? Ironically, I did the gen 2 first and the time included inputting my pin.
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