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this a custom set up?if so,would you share?
its very cool

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This is TorquePro correct? What OBDII scantool are you using?

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this a custom set up?if so,would you share?
its very cool
Yes, some of the PIDs are custom, and the gauge layout is custom (I'm still tweaking it) but the theme is from the Torque online community.

I can share it as soon as I figure out how to export gauge layout to an external file.

Here is a list of the gauges and the rational for displaying them.
ICE Manifold Vacuum - shows relative engine load, reads "0" when engine is under high load
Primary Coolant Loop - shows ICE temp and if heat is available for cabin heating.
Oil Temp - provides insight into internal temperature of parts not cooled by engine coolant (valves, pistons, internal components)
Transmission Temp - A surprising amount of heat is generated in the transmission in CS mode and durring heavy regen/driving in L
Throttle plate position - with no direct control over the throttle plate, it's interesting to see computer work find an efficient setting
Motor/generator B - (Gen 1 Volt) aka big electric motor. Provides all low speed torque, most high speed torque and most regen
Motor/generator A - (Gen 1 Volt) aka small motor. Assists MGB at high speed in CD mode, adds or subtracts ICE torque in CS mode
Exhaust temp - If EGT/Catalyst temp is high, ICE warm-up is short. Also shows heat energy you are throwing away.(usually 1600*F)
Battery Temp - Surprisingly steady, even when depleted/recharged quickly.
Absolute State of Charge - Shows that ICE usually intervenes around 20% remaining.

I am trialing a "Transmission state" gauge, but I haven't figured it out quite yet. The hex formula needs work, as it returns steady but implausible and arbitrary values like "4070" and "80600" (Psi? volts? watts? rpm? skittles?) the formula is 222862 (Signed(A)*256+b) addressed to 7E1 (the transmission).

Some gauges are repeated from CS screen, others include:
Battery coolant pump - RPM of battery coolant pump. Usually activates when battery temp is 85*F-89*F, deactivates around 78*F
Battery Heater - Battery Heater is a BIG energy consumer (around 4kw), and one which the driver has little control. Nice to know
Air Conditioner pressure - requires a bit of deductive reasoning, reading fluctuates based on many factors, but in conjunction with the battery pump RPM gauge it shows when the battery is being actively cooled.
High Voltage Control temp - Still not sure where this measurement is taken, I believe it is the on-board charger coolant loop. May need to rename this gauge.

Some gauges are repeated from CD screen, other include:
Battery state of charge Actual - Total amount of power in the battery from 0-100%
Battery state of charge Relative - Amount user accessible battery power 0-100% (shows negative numbers when using CS buffer)
Quick Lights - configured to show basic conditions at a glance.
Volts in - Voltage from EVSE (useful for avoiding public stations that run at a low 210v and prioritizing the ones that provide true 240v for fastest possible charge)
Amps in - Amps from EVSE
Charger Watts - Output in watts from internal charger to battery (after AC to DC conversion loss)
Charging Amps - self explanatory, similar to charging watts.
Main battery Voltage - Shows voltage sag under load, and increase slightly depending on SOC
Charging Volts - Voltage going into the battery. Increases well above battery voltage as charge progresses, nears completion
12 volt electrical voltage - Shows that the DC-DC converter is active during EVSE operation and it's output voltage.

The Volt is the most reliable Rube Goldberg machine ever.

This is TorquePro correct? What OBDII scantool are you using?
Yes, TorquePro. It's only $5. If you are an engineer or poses a curious mind, it is absolutely worth it because it is one of the few (only?) apps that allows custom PIDs AND layouts.

I am using the OBDLink MX Bluetooth scan tool from, although I believe the less expensive "LX" version would work fine as well for about half the cost. The Wifi version may provide a bit more range if you want to log while at home, but it's not compatible with Apple devices if that matters to you... the Bluetooth version is basically 30' line-of-sight or 10 feet with obstructions... not very powerful, even by Bluetooth standards.

I initially attempted to use the PLX Kiwi 3, however after hours of troubleshooting and much to my dismay, it appears that there is a communication/protocol problem with the Bluetooth module in the Kiwi 3 and Android 7.xx devices using TorquePro which causes an unrecoverable race condition ( The PLX Kiwi 2 should work because it uses an older, slower Bluetooth standard, but I haven't personally tested it.
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