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Saw my first Bolt EV in NJ

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They had been popping up on lately so I decided to take a Sunday drive over to the (closed) dealership to look at a Bolt in peace (and hope the car was accessible on the lot).

It was -- parked right out front. Still had the plastic all over the seats. Kinetic Blue.

Obviously couldn't get into it, but will share first impressions of the walkaround:

  • Very tall--taller than expected
    More "attractive" in person--although not a car I ever wanted in terms of style (very subjective of course)
    Kinetic Blue a good color for it
    I like the chrome accent lines on the top of the windows and the chrome on the bottom doors--breaks it up a bit
    Reminded me a lot of the Trax a few cars down
    Certainly didn't "jump out" in any particular way in terms of style or "hey, I'm an EV!"
    Space seemed "cavernous" looking in--especially the front. The seats were tilted back a bit, so rear leg room did not look great, but hard to tell without going inside--this is different than everything I've read and seen online so it was probably just the angle.
    It is definitely the design of "right now." While not a fan of SUV-lite styling, I see many, many vehicles on the road that look like this and know many people who like this kind of vehicle so understand why GM went this direction.
    I liked the rims
    Was trying to figure out a way to make it more aggressive, came up with nothing
    The Red '17 Volt near it looked more upscale and appealing (just my opinion)

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Thanks for sharing. We like our Trax. So maybe if Gen II comes out with AWD and the range stays good in the winter we could get one.
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