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Where's the SXM receiver, front or back ?

I've had mediocre reception since purchase, and terrible reception since I've been in S. Florida for a couple months.

I now have a message on the Infotainment screen when tuned to SXM; Signal May Be Blocked. There isn't an obstacle in sight down here.

Stopped by a local dealer and as expected, no help. Advisor tried to tell me the SXM antenna is that little bulge on the dashboard, and my windshield tint is blocking the signal. I reminded her the SXM antenna is on the roof, under the shark fin, and that bulge on the dash is a sunload sensor and has nothing to do with it. And yes, SXM has already sent several refresh signals and thats no help.

Obviously, gonna have to trouble shoot this myself, and I want to test a portable SXM antenna with my Volt's receiver.
So, where might I find it? Gonna take the shark fin off too and see whats up, maybe swap out the SXM antenna.

I cant stand a worthless Dealer that gives bad info.
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