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Sad to say Goodbye to a Great 2013 Volt Owning Experience

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Just said goodbye to my 2013 Premium Volt ... even though it was exciting to pick up a new car, there was sadness in saying goodbye to my beloved Volt as it was a great car ... 83,000 miles and in excellent condition ... everything worked and the HV battery was still getting 40 miles in summer and 30 in winter ... only had 2 problems over its lifetime ... charge door unlocking solenoid replaced under warranty and I replaced the cabin heater pump ... the 12V battery was still original and the dealer tested it as in great shape ... the only reason I traded it in was because it turned 10 years old and I wanted to get ahead of any HV battery life issues ... the dealer gave me a decent trade value of $8,200 so I did the deal for a same sized ICE hatchback ... I'm hoping to get back into an EV when the GM Ultium battery cars are proven and readily available. Goodbye and goodluck!
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