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Rydell out of state Bolt LV purchase / late private offer

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Thought I would share an interesting chain of events. Current 2013 Volt owner in Las Vegas. Just completed returning the signed documents and wiring full payment to Rydell Chevrolet in CA, a dealer that is well known as friendly to this site. Cajun Red Premier loaded up. I planned to wait until I received shipment before writing, but expected and thus far have confirmed the process to be a great experience (nothing like the frustration in attempted sales at a certain local LV dealer of the past 5 years). $4000 off MSRP from Rydell advertised right when you search for inventory, and then another $1000 Chevy discount presented by the sales agent I had first contacted. At some point a different sales agent took over, but numerous emails, texts, and phone calls keep me informed at each stage. They suggested a shipping company to contact who quoted me a very reasonable price ( around $250) and was also extremely pleasant to talk to on the phone.

Where it gets interesting? So today I first receive a phone call from the salesperson to confirm they received my signed docs and payment. Next step was jut to follow up with shipping. I make that follow up phone call, and share a few details (vin number, sales agent contact info, etc) and finish the phone call expecting shipping to then contact my sales agent and then await to hear from the specific shipper to arrange last details. Immediately upon finishing that phone call, I check my email to see what I first thought was just a generic email from Chevrolet. The subject line read "...there's still time to redeem your $1000-$5000 private offer..." (sort of implying this was a reminder and perhaps I was notified of a private offer earlier). Upon closer examination, the Bolt was listed and with a $3000 discount.

Of course my first thought was "am I too late to use for this purchase just completed", or perhaps wondering how I can cancel this deal and re-contract the car if needed. I was also worried if perhaps the car would already be picked up for delivery before Rydell was aware of the situation in time to review. I forwarded the offer via email to my sales agent, along with sending a couple texts. After two hours without hearing back, I called the general number and ultimately got connected to the correct sales manager. I had to send him the offer, and wait for a few things to be checked out and for them to get back to me. When the sales manager finally called back, he did state he was not 100% sure but felt very confident I would be able to use the private offer and it would not require new documents to be sent out. I don't recall the exact wording but I believe he stated they would submit the private offer and see - suggesting they would then send a check for $2000 (the private offer was 3K, but there was an existing $1k Chevy offer that could not be combined). Upon my asking, he suggested no need for me to hold off on having the car delivered.

At present, I do not know the intended delivery pick up or even if that has been decided yet (guessing no). I am wondering if I should insist on the car not being picked up until I have confirmation in writing the private offer will be accepted. At present, I have no reason to suspect Rydell would play any games with me on this - as my experience has been perfect thus far and again the dealer does have a well documented excellent record on the site.

Not sure how or why I got the private offer? At one time about a month back I did go online in the Chevy site under build a Volt and at one point sort of had to give some contact info that resulted in a local dealer contacting me. Maybe related to that, or maybe pure chance.

One last anecdote to share: When talking on the phone with the shipper, he asked what color Bolt. After I told him red, he said to me "you know you now have the same car as a billionaire". He then shared that they recently shipped a red Bolt to Scottsdale Ar to (I believe he said) the grandson of the Campbell soup founder.
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