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Rydell Chevrolet - Offer Thru Sunday 4/10

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15 Select 2017 Volt Rydell Bonus Cash Units​

Offers Currently Available
GM Rebates:
$1,000 Rebate available only to current California residents

California State Mail-In Rebate:

Rydell Discount:
$3,000 on LT
$3,500 on Premier
$500 - Rydell Bonus Cash Units Hyperlinked Below:

Stock# - 170007 - LT - Heather Gray

Stock# - 170031 - LT - Silver Ice Metallic

Stock# - 170072 - LT - Mosaic Black

Stock# - 170126 - LT- Summit White

Stock# - 170013 -LT - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170009 - LT - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170041 - LT - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170109 - LT - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170044 - Premier - Silver Ice Metallic

Stock# - 170036 - Premier - Siren Red Tint

Stock# - 170043 - Premier - Iridescent Pearl

Stock# - 170046 - Premier - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170067 - Premier - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170071 - Premier - Mosaic Black Metallic

Stock# - 170127 - Premier - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170118 - Premier - Summit White

For More Information Please Give Us A Call At
1(866) 618-1457

No Games, No Gimmicks, No Surprise After-Market Equipment, No Pressure.
Just Low Upfront Price on Every Car, Evey Day. Plain and Simple.​
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On several of these why are you charging people for an extra charger:
LPO, Charge Cord, 110/120V $535.00

I've never seen that before. Are you tricking people into thinking that there's not one included with the car?
Surely there can't be enough people who want an extra to actually include it as a dealer markup.
I'm sure Rydell can speak for themselves... but if you are looking at the Window Sticker... you are looking at CHEVROLET'S list of options that came with the vehicle. If a charge cord is listed.... it's an option (Limited Promotional Option). A dealer installed option, but one that is ordered from the factory (and I'm sure it's an extra one, as one is certainly included in the vehicle)... not something that Rydell is trying to "trick" you with. If you don't want it.... then it looks like they have plenty of others without that LPO.
I understand what a window sticker is. Of course it's trickery. They don't have to order the car with a second charger. The very limited number of people who actually want or need one could very easily buy it separately but then the dealer wouldn't get the extra $535 for the bundle.
Lemme guess, you went to a school where every kid got a "Participant" Medal?
No, I'll guess. You're for some strange reason implying that my pointing out a ridiculous dealer practice means I went to some liberal hippy school? In what universe does that leap of logic make any sense?

I already got a 2016 at a fantastic price from an honest dealer. How I worked that out with my soft-skinned coddled childhood must be baffling. Sure, I'm not buying from Rydell, but this is not a practice we should celebrate. It should be pointed out for those who may not know better when they're here to research and then they can make their own decision on the price they get. It's no different than letting someone know the lease offer they got is terrible.
I see, YOU decide what options are "ridiculous" and any dealer who does not agree is not honest.

I bought a Volt from Rydell 2 years ago. I found them fair, honest and had low prices. I accidently handed the F&I man and extra hundred dollar bill. He caught my mistake and handed it back.

Your experience doesn't change the fact that ordering several cars with an extra charger on the invoice is 100% ridiculous.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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