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Rydell Chevrolet - Offer Thru Sunday 4/10

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15 Select 2017 Volt Rydell Bonus Cash Units​

Offers Currently Available
GM Rebates:
$1,000 Rebate available only to current California residents

California State Mail-In Rebate:

Rydell Discount:
$3,000 on LT
$3,500 on Premier
$500 - Rydell Bonus Cash Units Hyperlinked Below:

Stock# - 170007 - LT - Heather Gray

Stock# - 170031 - LT - Silver Ice Metallic

Stock# - 170072 - LT - Mosaic Black

Stock# - 170126 - LT- Summit White

Stock# - 170013 -LT - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170009 - LT - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170041 - LT - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170109 - LT - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170044 - Premier - Silver Ice Metallic

Stock# - 170036 - Premier - Siren Red Tint

Stock# - 170043 - Premier - Iridescent Pearl

Stock# - 170046 - Premier - Kinetic Blue

Stock# - 170067 - Premier - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170071 - Premier - Mosaic Black Metallic

Stock# - 170127 - Premier - Heather Gray Metallic

Stock# - 170118 - Premier - Summit White

For More Information Please Give Us A Call At
1(866) 618-1457

No Games, No Gimmicks, No Surprise After-Market Equipment, No Pressure.
Just Low Upfront Price on Every Car, Evey Day. Plain and Simple.​
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@MIKECELI Always nice to hear from you on our posts! I hope all is well with you and you are still enjoying your Chevy Volt!

To address what @dancefreak said, the charging cord is a second cord and it can be found directly on the invoice of the vehicle, demonstrating it comes directly from the factory. Rydell Chevrolet does not gain any profit from adding the additional charge cord. After delivering our first batch of 2016 Volt, we received customer feedback on the hassle they dealt with having to transport the standard charge cord to and from work. They shared that having an extra cord would eliminate the nuisance of having to plug/unplug the cord to and from work and also avoid them ever forgetting it.

Still, keeping in mind that not every customer would be interested; my inventory manager was more aware while ordering Volt with the additional charging cord. Then, only ordering higher equipped Volt with the cord, being that it would more likely appeal to customers interested in more equipment. Yes, purchasing an after-market cord is always an option, on any vehicle feature, but the majority of consumers are more comfortable and trusting in a factory installed products instead.

I hope this clarifies your question and I thank you for stopping by our post and sharing your opinion. It is only with your feedback that we can continue improving our performance and best serve all of our clients!

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