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I posted up a very detailed DIY install on this, which was somehow deleted without explanation from this board :confused:. I've enjoyed this mod so much, I figure I'd at least write up a brief DIY again so that others can have some questions hopefully answered. It's been about 8 months since the install, so I'm probably going to leave out a few helpful details, but I'll hit the high points I think you'd need to do the install again.

Overall it's not too bad. Took me a few hours taking my time and trying to keep my 3 year old from breaking bits of the interior.

This is all on a 2018 Volt LT with factory leather.

I got a Rostra 250-1453 kit. Here's what the inflatable part looks like:

No need to unplug any harnesses from the seat, I was able to remove the Torx bolts holding it down front and rear on the slider tracks and then tilt it back for access.

To unclip the leather at the base of the backrest, work the two plastic channels apart. This is a bit tricky, but once you get it started, it goes pretty quickly. I used nylon trim tools and a big flathead screwdriver taped in electrical tape. Here's what one channel looks like:

Rear bottom of backrest once you pull the leather back, you'll be installing the lumbar bag between the foam and the springs:

Turn bag 90 degrees from how it'll be installed and snake it between springs and foam, then turn it back so the inflator is facing down:

Here's how I zip tied my up, one spring "rung" up. It gives nice "high lumbar support." If you like lower lumbar support, I'd drop it down a rung. Inflator tube is going down and towards the center console.

Drop inflator tube down between seat back frame and seat - there's a decent size gap over there to do it like so:

Tip seat back and zip tie pump bag under the front ~1/3rd of the seat. The inflator tube can be zip tied up to the seat and plugged into the pump output. Here's a pic front the front floorboard, looking back. Center console is to the left, door to the right in this pic for orientation:

All zip tied up:

Here's the add-a-fuse tap. I believe I used F37, but the picture should provide reference. You can get power if you reverse the direction with a fuse in the bottom location, but this is *NOT* correct, as it'll be powering the circuit through the leg of the fuse, not through the fuseable element itself. You must orient it the way I show it to actual have the link fuse. Easy way to verify this is to not have a fuse in the bottom location, and if you get no power out of it, then you have it in backwards (most people install these backwards and don't understand they don't have any fusing on the added circuit). Also grounded to an existing hole that an M5 bolt fit in right next to the fuse box:

The pump wires were a bit short in the kit, so I extended them with 16 Ga zip wire:

Route wiring down to the kick panel area:

Down the rocker area (the trim just pops right up)

And under the carpet to the hole for the existing seat wiring, then connect the plugs:

Here's where I placed the switch. I believe the instructions mentioned using a utility knife to cut the hole - don't! It's much easier to drill a bunch of holes with a ~1/8" drill bit, then connect them by moving the drill along and cleaning up with a file.

Connect leather back up, and bolt seat back down. Enjoy your lumbar support!
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