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guys i need help to remove the rubber rails. yes i have heard of plastidip and im planning on doing the entire car with it but want the roof shiny black as well as the trunk and mirrors to match the door inserts. i chose to go the wrap route and im sticking with it because im looking for the gloss finish.

this can be done with a thing called AUTOFLEX or HALO EFX. they are grown up plastidips that look like OEM paint. they can be sanded buffed waxed resist to gas spills and are easily peeled back off. (google each one) they are meant for ENTIRE car projects and not just patches as they are a lot more than regular dip and only sell in gallons. (this makes it incomvenient for me.)

so this still leaves me with a need to know on how to pry off those rubber strips.
Masking them off isn't an option? Also, how often do you get gas spills on your roof?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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