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Review of the Bolt EV in very cold weather.

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I guess I have a different take on this story: To me it shows why 200+ miles of EPA range are helpful for a BEV even for people who drive <100 miles / day. The extra buffer comes in very handy in cold weather and/or as the battery ages and loses capacity.
That aspect is definitely true. While I think the EV purists with the "60 miles of range is good enough" are right in some ways, this illustrates why EVs sell so poorly in places like Canada.

What I didn't like about this review is the qualitative assessments that have no measurable comparisons. Yes, most cars are going to be difficult to control at freeway speeds on rutted (seriously?) pavement.

Also, I think his comments about the wind are completely off base. I can almost guarantee that I've driven my Bolt EV through windier conditions than he encountered (my Bolt EV has been through strong gale force winds on several occasions), and it handled the wind better than any car I've ever owned. In fact, the dangerous aspect of the Bolt EV is that you can be driving through windy conditions and not realize it, which can impact your range, other drivers, debris, etc.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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