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Review - Alpena "Hexfire" LED aux lights

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Review - Alpena "Hexfire" LED aux lights_now with GIF

I suppose this could be considered a continuation of the The OHM-Ride "Anti-Incandescent" project since I was never satisfied with the aux lights I installed on the front. They were cheap 55watt halogen lights that got upgraded with LED inserts, but other than giving me some additional (much needed) side-spill I never felt like the project was worth it so I was keeping my eyes open for alternatives.

A buddy of mine found a set of Alepna "Hexfire" at Walmart for $20 each and put them on his Jeep. They looked impressively engineered but I was pretty doubtful at that price point. I was wrong! They are some surprising lights and outstanding at the value point.

Details on the Hexfire Light

Installed on OHM-RIDE

Each light has a single post mounting point and I finally decided to fabricate a metal plate to support them as they would be mounted on the somewhat flexible plastic bumper. Once I got the "c" shaped creation in place everything bolted on relatively easily though I nearly lost a wrench down in front of the radiator about four times.

Each light has 6 Cree LED listed as a total of 1,200 Lumens (so 2,400 Lumens total with both lights). You can't really tell by looking at the unit but four of the emitters are biased toward flood and two toward throw so when it's running you get a very wide spill with a modest hot spot that throws a good way down the road.

I consulted with the state inspection guy at my local garage before install, he said that these are absolutely NOT lights you'd leave on full time, too bright and broad, but if they are wired to only be on with the high beams they were okay so mine are wired via relay to the "high beam/brights" function in the car and turn off with low beams. I also have a kill switch inside in case I just want them off.

The lights are listed as 18 watts each, my testing showed them actually at 17 watts per light so it would seem the LED emitters are a touch under-driven which should contribute to a long LONG life when combined with the large aluminum heat-sink body. Total Amp draw metered out at 1.6 amps per light so these lights sure aren't going to strain the electrical system.

Color is a beautiful white.

The only downside I've found is that on the highway some of the newer road signs glared back really badly. No issue really, I just cut the hexfires off and ran with the regular headlights. I'm not so concerned with side spill on a highway anyway.

The results are everything I had hoped for. a nice rectangular box of light that spreads out side to side giving me a lot more side-spill off of the shoulders. This is super important in a rural area with lots of deer, you need to see out into the fields a bit for safety. It has also seriously improved my comfort when trying to turn from main roads onto unlit side roads going home.

Basically I feel like these lights, combined with the LED upgraded main headlights, represent the configuration that GM should have done in the first place.

and now some GIF animations for you. All shots taken w/camera on tripod and all settings locked to manual for consistency.

Hexfire Test 001
Low Beam (shuttered), High beam only, High beam w/Hexfires on.

The phone pole is about 80 yards away, the bushes past that are about 100-120 yards away on an uphill.

Hexfire Test 002
Low Beam (shuttered), High beam only, High beam w/Hexfires on.