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Results From First Documented Test Of Tesla Model 3

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The Model 3 is quicker, stops sooner, tackles the figure-eight faster, has more horsepower and torque, steers quicker, and uses a quarter of the energy than the BMW 330i.
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Is this list of superlatives all in relation to the BMW 330i?

Stock really sticky tires?
'steers quicker', what metric it that?
'quarter the energy', that can be said of any EV vs a gasser.
....However, if you wanted to take a car to the track you probably wouldn't want an electric that will go into propulsion reduced mode after half a lap...
Interesting point!
I saw where a Model S does that after some flogging on a track.
They tested the Model 3 until that mode kicked in?

Just to stir it up....:p

If you tracked a Bolt, does it drop into that mode?
How would a base Bolt and base Model 3 do competing on a road course for ?10-20 laps? (similar tires to be fair)

(T can 'ludicrously' get power from the pack and motor(s) for a while -- before heat catches up.
And don't they limit your 'Fun Times' using those Go Fast Modes, presumably to keep from degrading the pack and gadknows what else.. ?)
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They have run the bolt at Laguna seca and it does go into a limp mode. If I remember correctly the bolt did faster laps than the model S.
Where can we find info about a Bolt outrunning its TMS the way a Tesla does routinely?

You're tight, one Bolt did beat one Model S and one Roadster,,,,,
So,, yes and no....

But! Spark EV! Represent!:D

You're right. Yes and no. Some wealthy guys flogged their cars one weekend.
We need a Stig to drive these cars, one at a time, on the clock, similar tires.
.. Very few of these people take the cars to the track. They want the fastest from a stop light or a on ramp, with good overall handling while having a green image. ....
I totally agree with this aspect of owning an EV!

It's the whole IMAGE thing that i can't understand.
Whatever this IMAGE may be,, where does it come from and why does Tesla dominate it? Why do people swoon?
Thermal issues really limit electric cars to drag races. They just are not designed to handle max power for long periods of time. ...
How do we know this without independent testing?

I've seen a track test where a Tesla Model S outruns its TMS and starts reducing power.

It was stated a Bolt can do this.

We need professional testing, not weekend warrior track day results!:cool:
Is the 'reply with quote' working for others?

RC's do not have a TMS, just like the Leaf :p, so the only thing that can be done to keep the smoke in is to limit the current, IN and OUT.
Besides, those RC guys flog their batteries so hard with crazy C rates that they are fine with <100 runs in a battery's life.

As for "current crop of EV's", it must vary how much the power is limited and how soon.
I'm sure ambient temp has something to do with it.

That's all I'm asking; how does a Bolt and a Model 3 compare when flogged on a track?
Similar tires, same skilled driver.

You know, just to stir it up with the Fanbois!:D
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How does a base Bolt and a base Model 3 compare when flogged on a track?
Similar tires, same skilled driver.
~10-20 mins worth, just to allow any Thermal Power Reduction to begin.

Just askin'

AUTO-X !! Yay!

Fun article, but 'The Results' section... am I missing something? Where are the results?

And as I said, 'similar tires'. Proper tires and properly inflated for the job. (although this crew should know about that)

AUTO X is a more typical real-life race comparison, whereas track/road racing is a different beast.
Road racing events go on long enough for PRDTT to rear its ugly head.:mad:
No mention of that in the Auto-X article.

power reduction due to temperature :p
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