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Results From First Documented Test Of Tesla Model 3

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The Model 3 is quicker, stops sooner, tackles the figure-eight faster, has more horsepower and torque, steers quicker, and uses a quarter of the energy than the BMW 330i.
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And there's the rest of the story. What it can do it can't do for very long. If you want to race this is your EV:

Caution: If you're sensitive the the high-pitched whine of an EV this car is not for you.

What you are hearing is straight cut spur gears. Silent (or quieter) helical gears can be used but you lose efficiency and create heat and thrust loads on both shafts that must be countered. No racer would trade a few units of power or range to be quieter, knowing his competition won't.

You could have a noise restriction to herd gear development in that direction. There are gear designs that are nearly silent while allowing the efficiency of straight cut gears.
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