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Results From First Documented Test Of Tesla Model 3

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The Model 3 is quicker, stops sooner, tackles the figure-eight faster, has more horsepower and torque, steers quicker, and uses a quarter of the energy than the BMW 330i.
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As pointed out, the editors of Motor Trend did say that on the performance front it did get stomped by the much less expensive GIULIA. Not that it really matters. Most driving you can't do at the track. However, if you wanted to take a car to the track you probably wouldn't want an electric that will go into propulsion reduced mode after half a lap.

Tesla knows they sell EVs by outperforming equivalently priced gassers. None of the other companies have figured that out yet.
Motor Trend didn't think the Model 3 does. It found the less expensive gasser to have much higher performance. Again, not that it matters as a practical matter for driving on city streets.
I guess you are arguing Don that Tesla doesn't know how to sell EVs? Very few of these people take the cars to the track. They want the fastest from a stop light or a on ramp, with good overall handling while having a green image. The Model 3 is set to sell 10x Bolt EV volumes, even the 2-3x more expensive Model S sells as well as the Bollt EV does (and it is discounted 10 to 20%). If you want fast and cheap, buy a Dodge Charger/Challenger SRT8 or higher. BMWs are relatively slow for their price bracket too.
I'm not opining. I'm just pointing out what Motor Trend had to say about the performance of the Model 3. If you don't agree argue with them.

I didn't say that Tesla didn't know how to sell cars. I am, however, very skeptical of your estimate of how many Model 3s Tesla can sell. Part of that is the experience that Nissan had with the Leaf, where a majority of the pre-orders never turned into sales. And part is that Tesla got everyone all excited about the prospect of being able to buy a $35K Model S with a tax $7500 credit. Lots of those folks may not be so enthused by a Model 3 that costs $45K sans tax credit. In fact, while I don't have the numbers, I doubt that all manufacturers together sell more sedans than 10X the Bolt EV at a $45K price point. There just are not that many buyers in the price range. Toss in the fact that many prospective buyers, in fact perhaps the best prospective buyers, lack access to charging, and the numbers become daunting.

I also have my doubts about how many buyers harbor adolescent fantasies of being race car drivers. But perhaps I'm mistaken on that one. I do know that, with one exception, the women I know who are interested in electric cars are more interested in the Bolt EV and have no interest in the Model 3. Small sample for sure but likely more representative than what you find online.
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As I recall someone with a bit of racing experience recently pointed out that Tesla handling sucks on the track. I expect the Bolt probably does too, but The Stig can drive anything.
What I remember is something along the lines of "far better than what you would expect from a car this heavy". So I'm thinking more middling, or even better than average, than terrible. The great advantage electrics have is coming out of corners. That's where ICE vehicles struggle and where electrics shine.

Put separate motors on each wheel with great vectoring software and active rear wheel steering and you could have pretty spiffy handling.
Whatever this IMAGE may be,, where does it come from and why does Tesla dominate it? Why do people swoon?
Some people have a knack for self promotion. Building a brand is hard work. Look at Ferrari where you have to prove yourself worthy in order to buy one! But my favorite or least favorite is Maserati. Hard to say why anyone thinks these things are desirable but lots of them are in the parking lot. At the end of the day, once something is a Veblen good there is no rational explanation. People want status and they'll pay for it.
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