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Resources for short talk on EVs

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I need help with finding good resources for a talk on EVs.

I am just a Volt owner. My knowledge pales in comparison with many on this forum.

I will be delivering a ~45 min talk to non-EV owners/laypersons who are potentially interested in today's offerings. This is not a sales pitch, just an informational powerpoint presentation to get them to understand the differences, limitations and capabilities, and to consider an EV for their next purchase.

The intent is to cover the gamut, from hybrids, PHEV, EREV, EV with no bias toward any particular manufacturer.

I would like to also have a one-page handout/spreadsheet of the features/advantages of the models available.

Can anyone direct me to online resources I can use to develop this?
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A good source for that sort of thing is Charles Gerena (he heads the "Drive Electric" group in Richmond VA)
You can reach him via the facebook page...
I'm always amazed at the people who have absolutely NO understanding (in dollars and cents) of how much it costs to "fuel" an EV, nor do they have a clue about "cost per mile". Those might be good figures to have in comparison to a pure ICE vehicle.
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